CITASA Special Issue Intro – iCS

Introduction: The 2015 CITASA special issue of Information, Communication & Society brings together scholarship that invites us to take stock of where we are, the pathways that have led us here, and our journey forward. In this vein, we have selected eight articles that highlight the substantive, methodological, and theoretical innovation central to the Communication Information Technologies section of ASA. Collectively, these articles push the boundaries of our field forward and expand the bounds of our section’s intellectual horizons.

You can find the entire special issue of iCS that I guest co-edited with Laura Robinson here! 

Series Associate Editor of Emerald Studies in Media and Communications


In addition to acting as Series Associate Editor, I have also co-edited the following volumes:

Volume 13 Co-editor – Brazil: Media from the Country of the Future

Volume 11 Co-editor – Communication and Information Technologies Annual: [New] Media Cultures

Volume 10 Co-editor – Communication and Information Technologies Annual: Digital Distinctions and Inequalities